Strength-Focused Carry Variations


At the end of the day, most people out there just want to get stronger. While the front loaded variations are great tools to start, eventually you're going to want to load up and really focus on strength development. Posture and alignment still play key roles here: Our bodies adapt specifically to the stimulus provided, so performing these carries in suboptimal postures simply won't do you as much good.

Today we'll cover 4️⃣ variations that allow for heavy loads and great strength development. Next we'll discuss key postural cues we should be aware of.

1️⃣Farmer/Suitcase Carry: About as simple as they come, grab some heavy weights that you can handle & walk for distance. Not only is this simple, but the carryover is INCREDIBLE for functional activities: Carrying groceries/bags.

2️⃣TrapBar Carry: A favorite of mine. The TrapBar takes away from the "sway" of individual bells & allows you to really increase the load. Say "hello" to grip strength improvements with these two.

3️⃣Front Rack Barbell Carry: A progression from our Double Kettlebell Front Rack position, this provides a bit more specificity to help improve your Front Squat &, since the weights, are further from center, it makes the carry a bit more challenging from a core stability perspective.

4️⃣Zercher Carry: Another front loaded variation that allows for heavy weights & provides awesome functional carryover. This one can be a bit hard on the elbows, but a little padding will do you wonders.

These are all fantastic variations that provide their own unique benefits. Consider beginning with the less complex & increase difficulty over time.