Postural Aspects of Heavy Carries


Heavy carries are INCREDIBLY beneficial. A few months of heavy carry variations and you'll be a few steps closer to being a human forklift.


✅ They load the entire human skeleton, stimulating bone & muscle growth.

✅ They're low skill movements appropriate for beginners through advanced trainees.

✅ You can adjust the intensity & distance to focus on a number of different attributes.
✅ Increases grip strength which is correlated with a longer lifespan!

The relatively simple execution of these movements allows the user to really load up and use heavy weights. BUT! With this increase in intensity, there is an increase in risk.This makes proper posture & positioning even more important, so try and avoid the following:

❌Rounded shoulders & spine. Increased strain to posterior chain, intervertebral discs, Intervertebral ligaments, inc. pressure on the intervertebral bodies & discs.
❌ Forward Head Posture. Increased strain to the cervical structures

Again folks, we're training POSTURE w/ these movements, so assume the proper positions for maximum benefit! Remember, how you do things matters! Even more so for heavy loads.