Loaded Carry Variations


The term "Functional Exercise" is a term thrown around constantly. Some people swear by it, others find it laughable.
I think for the majority of the population it means Loaded Carries, Turkish Get-Ups, Deadlifts. We need to be able to get up off the ground, walk while carrying stuff, & pick up heavy things. When you stop doing that, you die...💀
Over the next few posts we're going to discuss loaded carries.

I STRONGLY believe in loaded carry variations. An exercise that coach Dan John says helps you build "body armor," these literally belong in EVERYBODYS program. These movements are how you build your base. They help you create foundational strength or general physical preparedness (GPP). You can use implements & load up farmer carries to gain strength or lighten the load & carry for distance to gain endurance.

Carry overhead to train for your presses & snatches. Carry in the racked position to increase upper back strength for front squats & cleans. Or just carry so you can toss your kids around while they still want to play with you 😜