Foundational Front Loaded Carries


When introducing carries, this is likely where you should start. Some may see these as "Beginner" carries, but you can easily adjust them for stronger trainees: just add for weight.

The basic concept wit carries is simple:
Add a load that forces muscular activation
Walk while maintaining your normal gait pattern

The emphasis here is on POSTURE! No matter your carry, you need to maintain your normal posture. This is what allows us to train these functional positions and movements!

Keep that in mind as we break down these 3 carries:
1️⃣HeartBeat Carry: We're holding the weight in front of us --> If we let it, the weight will pull our arms down & bend our spine forward. Our arms, shoulder girdle, & spinal extensors must resist this. As we extend our arms, this increases the demand & helps gain strength using a less advantageous position.

2️⃣Goblet Carry: Eventually, we want to use a heavy enough load where we can no longer extend our arms. This is where the Goblet Carry comes in. Grab a heavy bell & walk a distance w/ perfect posture.

3️⃣Double Kettlebell Racked Carry: Using kettlebells gives you a better grip and "shelf" for the bells, allowing you to build more strength. This variation is a useful substitute for the Goblet Carry and may feel more natural for some people.