Core Basics


Everyone's favorite topic and certainly one of the most controversial. I'm a firm believer in training your core to stabilize and resist motion before moving onto more dynamic exercises.
These three exercises train you to stabilize in all three planes of motion and can be powerful tools in preventing injury.

  1. Half Kneeling Pallof Press

The external force (red) is pulling your my trunk into RIGHT rotation (green). My right external oblique and left internal oblique must contract hard to create a left rotational force (yellow) that counteracts the band tension.


2. Tall-Kneeling Anti-Extension Press

Tall-Kneeling Anti-Extension Press: The pull of the band in creating a force that is attempting to pull my trunk into an extended position. My glutes must engage along with my rectus abdominus to create a flexion force to maintain proper hip and spinal position.


3. Suitcase Carry

Here the effect of gravity on the kettlebell is attempting to pull my trunk into RIGHT side-bending. My obliques again have to kick in to create a LEFT side-bending force to resist this pull. This dynamic exercise also challenges the pelvic stabilizers on the opposite side of the load.

Add these movements to your next program and reap the benefits of a strong and stable midsection.