Combined Carry Variations


We've been performing a TON of carry variations in the Stout Pittsburgh group strength classes over the past month or so. Their simplicity and effectiveness make a strong case for the group fitness environment. These exercises are fantastic to train in a circuit fashion. Link carries together and work logically to tax different muscles over longer stretches of time.

For example: 1 Lap ea. of Double Overhead Racked Suitcase. Here, the demand on the shoulders decrease w/ each position, allowing you to increase total body time-under-tension.

Combined variations only add to our arsenal & depth. They give us the ability to transition side-to-side, effectively doubling our options. This can also be done w/ unilateral variations! The combined variations allow for variety & an increase in total load, but the unilateral circuits increase the asymmetrical demands.
At the end of the day, there are carry variations for everyone. You just need to select the appropriate variation for your health & fitness goals!