This is not, and will never be, a place where I post gym selfies and bicep shots. My aim is to provide REAL content that INFORMS & EDUCATES my friends and family. 

I truly believe that MOVEMENT is MEDICINE. The second you stop moving, you stop living. No matter your method, keep on moving.

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Strength & Function 

Flexibility | Range-of Motion | Motor Control | stability

Conditioning & POWER

Dynamic Warm-up & Movement Prep


Pullover Anti-Extension Progression.jpg
Six Barbell Squat Variations.JPG
Variety in Loading.PNG
teaching the deadlift.JPG
Three Grip Variations.JPG
Deadbug Anti-Extension Progression.jpg
Six Landmine Presses.JPG
barbell loading variations.png
Progressing the Pushup.JPG
Six KB Deadlift Variations.PNG
Scaling an Exercise.PNG
Six Prowler Variations.JPG
The benefits of perturbation.png
Say No to Girl Pushups.PNG
Six barbell Deadlift Variations.PNG

technique & Patterning

Coaching/Technique Tools
KB Swings, Crawls, & Split Squats

Vertical Pulling

Horizontal Pressing

Horizontal Pulling

Example Progression
Brachiation, Crawls, & Get-Ups Regressions 
          --> Brachiation, Crawls, & Get-Ups

Programming & Educational

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Warren Stout & Aurelio Faria Leading By Example
Assorted Open Mat Highlights #1

BJJ-Specific Strength Training
Gi-Specific Grip Work