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Mighty Penguins Strength & Conditioning

University of Pittsburgh Doctor of Physical Therapy students and Mighty Penguins sled hockey athletes work together during individualized strength and conditioning sessions to maximize each player’s overall performance while emphasizing the importance of regular exercise. 


ITU World Triathlon Series - Chicago, IL

Calling all Triathletes!

Serious endurance athletes understand the importance a proper strength training program can have in their performance. You should treat your time in the weight room as seriously the time you spend in the saddle. Understanding the physiological demands of endurance sport and following an intelligent strength training program can be the difference between a PR and a DNF.

I have no special TALENT. I am only passionately CURIOUS.
— Albert Einstein
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I got by, but I remember hating school up until about sophomore year of college. I never really had the opportunity to study more specialized subjects at a young age and began at VaTech as an engineer. Obivously, a great career choice, but not the path for me.

Discovering my passion and love for all things human movement has changed that - My goal is to put up a month review of the literature -- I'll shoot for 2-4 articles a month and break them down in this section.

Issue No.1 will come out at the end of September, so stay tuned for the first of many!

“A coach is only as efficient as his or her organization or planning.”
— Tudor Boompa, Periodization

Efficiency in the weight room

You're a mother, a business man, a student, a friend.  You are not a professional athlete.  As such, you don't have the luxury of scheduling your entire day around your evening workout or enlisting the help of a professional coach to steer you away from the cheesecake and towards the squat rack. You can't afford to waste time in the weight room, and need to develop a system that allows you to be efficient, effective, and focused to help achieve your goals.

Stay tuned for the release of a few free programs to get your fitness journey headed in the right direction!