February 3, 2019 Update


We had our second session of the spring season today & it happened to fall on the day I turn 28!

We had a smaller group than usual because the Junior team is at a tournament in Indians, but it was fantastic nonetheless!

Honestly, there’s no other way I’d like to spend my birthday than with this group of highly motivated volunteers & athletes!

Thanks to all those who made it put & I appreciate the card!

▪️Now on to the important stuff... Lets take a look at our newest addition: Brynn!

Brynn is 9 & she came in for her evaluation today run by @tanqueregan_12, our on-site PT.

She’s a former softball player but has joined the @mightypenguins team after being recently diagnosed with a condition that affects her lower extremity function.

This girl is more competitive than anyone I’ve ever met & is surely destined for greatness... as evidenced by this flawless backbend. At just 80 lbs, this girl rowed 120lbs for a set of 5 today during her upper body strength testing! 💪🏽

She’s a huge fan of unicorns, doesn’t believe in ghosts & is a diehard @penguins fan... but I’ll let that slide (Go @capitals!)

▪️It’s seeing smiling faces like Brynn’s that have made this program so meaningful for me personally.
Strength & conditioning is such a huge part of my life... there’s few things that I enjoy more than people having a great time learning how to strengthen their bodies & minds!