Anti Movement Training


Here's a nice little progression that builds off of the principles of core stability that we discussed on Friday.

Our major theme revolves around training our core to resist forces and maintain structural integrity in various planes of motion. As you progress in strength and stability, we can then integrate more dynamic core movements that focus on force transfer through the trunk (more on this later).

Half-Kneeling Pallof Press w/ Elevation: After mastering the rotational challenge provided by the Pallof Press, we can add in the overhead component to train the following qualities:
🔹Scapulohumeral rhythm
🔹Shoulder stability
🔹Lateral chain stability
In addition, as the band moves overhead, we're increasing the rotational moment on the lumbar region, further increasing the anti-rotational strength.

Fortunately for you, these exercises can also be done with a cable machine! You can reap the benefits of these movements even while training at a commercial gym without resistance bands.